Wonderful Vineyard Escape

Stylish self-contained vineyard cottage with cedar hot tub under the stars


Vynfields’ vineyard is a boutique organic and biodynamic 5.3 hectare vineyard on the celebrated Martinborough Terraces. Vynfields is located on Omarere Road (off Puruatanga Road). The soils are free-draining with a thin layer of silt loam over old river gravels. The temperate climate has low rainfall, hot and dry summer days, and reliably dry autumns (with cool nights) which makes the Martinborough Terraces an ideal location for the cool climate grapes of Pinot Noir and Riesling. The vineyard was originally planted in 1991 with 1 hectare of Riesling and 3 hectares of miscellaneous vines, In 1998, the latter was replaced by Martinborough proven Pinot Noir.

Handcrafted Organic and Biodynamic Viticultural Practices

Vynfields was fully certified by BioGro NZ in 2006. Sprays and fertilizers used include, seaweed extracts, fish meal, sodium silicate, calcium and the Bio-Dynamic preparations.

To achieve top quality, most activities are performed by hand:

The vines are cane pruned in winter time

Leaf plucking occurs in late spring to ensure exposure of the fruit and protection from fungal diseases

Spraying with biodynamic preparations

Fruit thinning, if necessary, is performed before veraison

Picking is done by hand with careful bunch and berry selection. The grapes are collected in small stackable baskets to avoid damaging the fruit

Winemaking practices use hand plunging, gravity transfer and minimum pumping

We are grateful to our celebrated winemakers Kai Schubert and Marion Deimling (www.schubert.co.nz) who make superb wine from our grapes.