We are Devoted to Producing Premium Pinot Noir Wines, Handcrafted Using Traditional Methods

Vynfields' first award is a Gold medal at the Royal Easter Wine Show for the 2003 Pinot Noir. From then on our awards include Gold and Best In Class for our Reserve Pinot Noir 09 at the London International wine show and a Gold in Decanter for our Reserve Pinot Noir 11. Every one of our Pinot Noirs has had at least a five star award or a Gold medal.

The Unique Vineyard Environment

If you want to retreat to seclusion in a unique vineyard environment, peaceful except when the excitement of harvest or other cyclical activities occur, then this is for you.


Vynfields' Pinot Noir is typically cropped at close to the low French Grand Cru levels (35 hectolitres per hectare)...

Wine bar

At Vynfields wine bar you can enjoy wonderful wine tasting with snacks. It is a great experience all year around...